About Rowe Quality Services

Rowe Quality Services is a consulting company specializing in helping small to medium businesses improve the quality of their products and services. We are located conveniently to serve businesses in central Indiana and the midwest, but open to opportunities throughout the United States.

Founded by a long-time quality manager and internal consultant for a major multinational, we have the breadth and depth of experience to help you address your problems.

Our focus is not on a particular methodology or tool set, but on getting results for your business. As quality improvement consultants, we are experienced with all of the elements of a quality system: Measurement assurance, control plans, process control, auditing, training, documentation, inspection and testing, etc. We can help you implement just the essentials, or a full blown ISO 9000 compliant quality system.

We are located on the far northside of Indianapolis, Indiana, near the border between Marion and Hamilton counties.